Apr 15

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With Great Youtube Power Should Come Great Responsibility

Our 2nd Transmission Event sees us tackle the popular topic of YouTubers. A carefully assembled panel looks to explore the repercussions of this established form of broadcasting on its young audience.

Meet The Panelists

Our panel consists of a few familiar faces that know their stuff when it comes to broadcast and YouTuber influencers.

Rick EdwardsLucy LendremJim ChapmanBabita Sharma
Rick EdwardsLucy LendremJim ChapmanBabita Sharma

Rick Edwards

Instantly recognisable for his TV presenting work, Rick has most recently turned his attention towards young people and the effects that modern society has on them.

Lucy Lendrem

Lucy has been right at the centre of the YouTuber boom with her role at Gleam Futures where she manages a collection of YouTubers and social talent.

Jim Chapman

2 million subscribers, 1 million followers. Jim is an established internet celebrity and a key figure amid the latest generation of YouTubers.

Babita Sharma

A familiar face from BBC News, Babita has been a TV newsreader for several years and comes from a strong broadcasting background.